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Why We Need Aquanauts and Other Ocean Researchers

Posted On August 16, 2012 by

Imagine a space station built to explore the incredible universe beneath the sea: An underwater lab where marine scientists could literally immerse themselves in research on ocean life. How cool would that be?

As the many scientists who have worked at the Aquarius Reef Base can tell you, very cool. It’s a little known fact that the United States has been home to the only such research lab in the world for 50 years. You can experience life in Aquarius by watching the above video from One World One Ocean. Continue reading »

Franken-jelly: Check the Pulse of New Artificial Jellyfish in this Video

Posted On July 24, 2012 by

Researchers have created an artificial jellyfish that propels itself through the water by pulsing, thanks to heart cells from rats.

This research may lead to break-through treatments for damaged human hearts, reminding us yet again that the ocean is one incredible laboratory for life-saving medical innovation.

Found on Wired Science and the BBC.

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