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Statement: Ocean Conservancy Applauds House for Passing Save Our Seas Act 2.0

Bill Would Set Stage for U.S. Leadership on Ocean Plastic Pollution Crisis

On October 1, 2020, the United States House of Representatives passed the Save Our Seas Act 2.0. Ocean Conservancy has advocated for the bill since its inception in 2019, and urged members of Congress to support the legislation in a letter sent to House leadership on August 14, 2020. Doug Cress, Vice President of Conservation at Ocean Conservancy, released the following statement:

“We are thrilled that the Save Our Seas Act 2.0 is yet another step closer to becoming law. This bill firmly establishes ocean plastic pollution as a policy priority for the United States government. It directs the Executive Branch to engage with international bodies on this issue, commissions studies to identify technological innovations that can help in the fight, and mandates that the EPA develop a strategy for strengthening our own domestic waste infrastructure.

“Plastic pollution is one of the most visible and most prolific threats facing our ocean today, and as the number-one consumer of plastics worldwide, the United States needs to be part of the solution. Make no mistake – more action is urgently needed to address the plastic pollution crisis, and the Save our Seas Act 2.0 is not a cure-all. But the bill is an important step in the right direction and will help set the stage for U.S. leadership on this issue.”


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