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An ocean sunfish, or mola mola. Credit: leonardo4it's flickr stream

TRUE: Electric eels are actually fish that breathe by gulping air from the surface.
TRUE: Some fish start their lives as males but grow into females.
FALSE: Despite their unusual shape, sunfish are some of the sea’s strongest swimmers

Sunfish, or molas, do not have a swim bladder and steer themselves by squirting a jet of water out of their mouth or gills. For this reason, sunfish maneuver poorly and are not strong swimmers. Have you ever seen a sunfish before? Where did you see it? And who’s surprised to learn that electric eels aren’t actually eels?

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Pearls of Wisdom: Ocean Conservancy’s Weekly Quiz Game http://blog.oceanconservancy.org/2012/06/16/pearls-of-wisdom-ocean-conservancys-weekly-quiz-game/ http://blog.oceanconservancy.org/2012/06/16/pearls-of-wisdom-ocean-conservancys-weekly-quiz-game/#comments Sat, 16 Jun 2012 13:30:38 +0000 Guest Blogger http://blog.oceanconservancy.org/?p=1066

How much do you know about electric eels? Credit: Sibylle Stofer's Flickr Stream

Pearls of Wisdom is our weekly quiz game. We give you two truths and one lie about our favorite ocean wonders. Your job is to guess the lie. Good luck! We’ll post the answer on Sunday.

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