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Image derived from media by Columbia Pictures, Richard Cameron and Jeffrey Zeldman

One of my favorite scenes in the 1993 film Groundhog Day is when a melancholy Bill Murray is sitting at the bar with a couple of charming Punxsutawney locals and asks, “What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same and nothing that you did mattered?“

So, last week when I heard about yet another attempt by Representative Bill Flores (R-TX) and his fellow House Natural Resources Committee members to undermine smart ocean planning through a rider attached to an appropriations bill, I couldn’t help but think about that scene from Groundhog Day and laugh.  In the movie, Bill Murray’s character is stuck living out the same day in agonizing perpetuity. In real life, Representative Flores continuously attaches anti-ocean planning riders to any bill he can. Ten times these riders have been introduced in the House – but so far each one has either been stripped out of the bill by ocean champions or the bill has died altogether.

At least in Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character takes the opportunity of being stuck living the same day over and over to learn jazz piano, French, and all of the answers to that day’s episode of Jeopardy. I’m not sure what is to be learned by introducing the same – ultimately unsuccessful – anti-ocean rider ten times.

Fortunately for the rest of us who live and work in coastal communities, Representative Flores’ attempts to slow down smart ocean planning efforts aren’t working; Planning efforts are actually ramping up. As John Podesta confirmed last month, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions will be finishing their ocean plans by 2016. In fact, Flores’ opposition has served to throw a spotlight on the tremendous public support that exists for planning.  Hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals representing a broad array of interests including commercial fishing, engineering and consulting, recreation and tourism, renewable energy, academics, tribes, faith-based groups, NGOs, and everyday citizens have written to Congress in support of smart ocean planning.  Thanks to this support from the public and all levels of government, planning is moving forward.

The movie Groundhog Day doesn’t resolve until Bill Murray’s character changes his ways. Perhaps Representative Flores will change his ways, too, once he realizes that smart ocean planning is a bottom-up solution that benefits communities, businesses, and the environment.

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Saving the Ocean, One Tip at a Time http://blog.oceanconservancy.org/2013/01/31/saving-the-ocean-one-tip-at-a-time/ http://blog.oceanconservancy.org/2013/01/31/saving-the-ocean-one-tip-at-a-time/#comments Thu, 31 Jan 2013 21:06:12 +0000 Guest Blogger http://blog.oceanconservancy.org/?p=4454

Credit: Hash Milhan via Flickr

Even though we won’t know if winter will last another six weeks until Punxsutawney Phil makes headway on Saturday, I’m sure that some of you are hungry for starting up a few DIY projects at home as the weather slowly turns the corner to the long-awaited Springtime. Since we’ve all heard our fair share of stories about when DIY goes wrong, we here at Ocean Conservancy figured providing a few tips on the subject could prove helpful. With ocean health in mind, we published a recent blog post, “Re-Energize Your Home to Save Money, Energy and the Ocean.”

While this post contained a modest set of four different tips for eco-proofing your home, we received a lot of feedback from our ocean-minded friends on additional ways to engage in responsible home improvement. It was great hearing all the different ideas for greening your home, as many could be welcome additions to the weekly tips that our mobile app, Rippl, distributes. Rippl was designed for the purpose of showing consumers that small, manageable changes to your daily routine can make a huge impact on the ocean environment–and the fact that we got so many responses with more suggestions proves that making a difference can be as easy as sticking to a schedule.

We’re always looking for new tips to add into the queue so that we can spread the inspiration as best as possible, so if you’ve got any helpful hints be sure to add them on the app through the “Suggest a New Tip” link! If you don’t have an iPhone (we’re working on an Android version), feel free to drop us a line in the comments section here too!

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