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Posted On March 9, 2012 by

Welcome to The Blog Aquatic, the Ocean Conservancy blog bringing you news, opinions, photos, facts and other wonderful things related to our ocean. Our goal is to explore all the facets of ocean conservation, from the serious, to the sublime, to the silly.

The Blog Aquatic is a place where our visitors and writers can discover the wonders of our ocean world and discuss what we’re all doing together to protect it. Please note that The Blog Aquatic is not “the voice of the organization” — OceanConservancy.org is the voice of the organization. Rather, this space is the voice of the people who make up Ocean Conservancy.

We welcome comments, feedback, open debate and dissenting viewpoints that are posed in a respectful and collegial way. We will never delete a comment because it disagrees with our stance on an issue, but we reserve the right to delete comments that are vulgar, off-topic, or threaten and demean other members of the community. We will work to foster a civil discourse and comments that don’t meet this standard will be deleted and an explanation for their deletion will be posted.

On the blog we’ll cover variety of topics including:
•    Policy
•    Science
•    Ocean life
•    Lifestyle issues related to the ocean
•    Food
•    Corporate sustainability

We hope you’ll enjoy what The Blog Aquatic has to offer and will come back and visit us often. To stay up to date with blog, please subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter.

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