EPA Helps Address Ocean Acidification

Photo: Misti Weathersby

Today, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy announced that the agency is proposing new rules to dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. The new rules, which the EPA is calling their “Clean Power Plan,” would reduce carbon emission from existing power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, an amount equal to the pollution emitted by more than 150 million cars. But what does all of this mean for the ocean? Many people may not realize it, but by proposing the Clean Power Plan, the United States took a significant step towards addressing ocean acidification. Reducing carbon pollution from power plants means there will be less carbon pollution in the atmosphere. And less carbon pollution in the atmosphere means less carbon pollution that is absorbed by the ocean, turning it more acidic.

Many marine species and the coastal communities dependent upon them are at risk of being harmed by the large amount of carbon pollution that has already been absorbed by the ocean. Oyster growers in the Pacific Northwest have already experienced major business losses due to increasingly acidic water. Scientists are worried about how lobsters, crabs and squid will respond to a more acidic ocean. A reduction in US carbon emissions from power plants is a much-needed step towards addressing ocean acidification on a larger scale.

We applaud the efforts of the EPA, the Obama administration, and the many other industry and community groups that have helped to create this proposed rule.  There is a long way to go, but this is a great step to address the root cause of ocean acidification.

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  1. Let go of some of the profits or we won’t even be able to survive anyhow! We need cleaner air.

  2. Start with Chinese ATVs, scooters, and dirt bikes. I worked for the Chinese for many years and I never knew why they would change the exhaust system for testing if the machines where new??? Well it’s because they are cheep, they mail the correct exhaust system from china with the proper internals that have titanium so the emission are correct. Then they produce 300,000 units or more per year with no proper exhaust system and that’s where EPA needs to be more vigilant! Unless they get cuts from those sales?? I would love the government to put a stop to imports specially from China, I hate to say it but they care about one thing! MONEY!!!!!!!! BTY I would say this in court if EPA is really serious, oh and one more thing there are over 20 companies like this currently flying under the radar importing this crap that is killing our ecosystem.

  3. NASA and the government uses the sun against us to melt us in their god and hollywood games to destroy those they do not like.

  4. Are the EPA Rules Enough? We can be at Renewable if Coal Interests and Oil Industry didn’t Step in the Way.

  5. EPA has no teeth. no enforcement. it just looks like something is going to happen that will not become a reality.