Little Octopus Climbing Over Rock: Do You Think You’re Neil Armstrong?

I’ve been saying for years there aren’t enough popular songs about octopuses. Now all that is changing with a catchy new tune from Parry Gripp called “Little Octopus Climbing Over Rock.” The best line of the song: “Do you think you’re Neil Armstrong / Do you think you’re Mr. Spock?” You’ll be singing along in no time.

And before you correct me for calling a group of eight-legged cephalopods “octopuses” instead of “octopi,” check out this admirably thorough linguistic romp through the history of octopus pluralization from Merriam-Webster’s YouTube channel after the jump.

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  1. um but I thought because of the scientific classification Octopoda being Greek – it means octopodes is the correct form…
    “If you’re sticking with the Greek, it is “octopodes” (masculine nominative plural third declension noun). When Latin borrows words from Greek, it is a FOURTH declension noun, and not a SECOND declension noun. The Latin plural form of “octopus” is therefore “octopus” (e.g.: “Hey, look at all of those octopus!”). If you insist on sticking with English, then it is just a traditional “octopuses.”